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A teacher and some seats
A teacher and some seats
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Day in the Life of a Student Teacher

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

For anyone that doesn’t know, I am a Secondary English Education major at IUP and as this is my senior year, I am in the classroom. Something I wanted to do is reflect on my day and how it felt. The day I want to discuss was October 21st. This day was particularly important because the Director of Bachelor of Science in English Education was observing my teaching. For one of our ‘clinical experiences’, we observe the class for most of the semester, but we have a few opportunities to teach the class before I go to full-time teaching in the spring. I had taught our English class one other time before this but it was only a 15-minute mini-lesson going over grammar. This was my first time guiding a lesson in this class. I had been planning it for weeks and as I got to school I felt like I could throw up. I’ve never been one who was good at public speaking and teaching wasn’t my dream job growing up, but now as I’m older I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our first period was a plan period so I worked on getting my thoughts together for the lesson and adding any last-minute touches to the PowerPoint. 

As the next period came around I went to the front of the class and I taught. For once I felt like I was actually a teacher. Where was this newfound confidence coming from?! I tried not to think about it too much in case it would slip my brain even for just a second. If that’d be the case, I’d be done for. The class went on as we read Annabel Lee written by the well-known author, Edgar Allan Poe, and I nearly forgot I was being graded on this. As the period came to an end I felt like a different person, a real adult who had her shit together. I was the person that I always wished I was. As I move into full student teaching, I feel sure this is what was meant for me. 

Lastly was my evaluation. I went back to the teacher’s lounge to meet with my director, as I waited for her to start going off on what I did wrong, I was pleasantly surprised. I had done amazing! There were only a few things I needed to work on and I knew I needed to work on those things. I went back to the classroom for the rest of the day with the excitement of successfully teaching the class.

Brooke is an English education major at IUP and plans to graduate in spring 2022. Alongside Her Campus, she has also performed with the IUP Dance Theater and is part of the Kappa Delta Pi honors society and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).