A Couple's Perspective On Long-distance Relationship

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Do you overthink in your relationship?

Don't be afraid to bring these questions up! If you want your relationship to work you'll both have to put in the effort. All couple's aren't perfect, and neither of you should compare your long-distance relationship to other couple's who see each other more often. The responses below are from one couple who currently live 4 hours away from each other for 4 months. It's important when entering a long-distance relationship that the couple sit down and have a serious conversation about their insecurities, doubts, and anxiety, etc. to help support each other everyday by reassuring one another, know your relationships fears, challenges, and how the two of you can maintain a happy long-distance relationship.

Here are a few Q/A about this couple’s long-distance relationship

  • What can she/he do to reassure you?
    • Him: She can call me, face time me, show me respect, be loyal, and honest.
    • Her: He can reassure me by being loyal, always being there for me, giving me advice and comforting me when needed, call or face time me whenever he’s free, and compliment me.
  • What are your biggest fears in a long-distance relationship?
    • Him: My biggest fear is one of us losing interest in the relationship.
    • Her: My biggest fear is our relationship not flourishing as it should be due to long distance.
  • What challenges do you two face?
    • Him: The biggest challenge we face is the distance because with me working full time, having a lengthy commute to work, and not having much free time to visit each other while she’s at school.
    • Her: I believe some of our challenges is the distance, he can’t drive out because he works a lot and gets tired, there’s sometimes miscommunication, and not being fully open with each other.
  • What do you do to pass the time when she is away and he’s home?
    • Him: I usually work, hit the gym, spend time with friends and family.
    • Her: I do my studies, go to work, and hang out with friends when I’m free.
  • What’s the biggest thing you miss about her/him?
    • Him: I miss spending time and enjoying each other’s company. 
    • Her: I miss his smile and his arms wrapped around me.
  • How do you maintain a happy, loving relationship despite long distances?
    • Him: By communicating clearly, staying loyal and honest, and never giving up--even on rough days. 
    • Her: We try our very best to text each other throughout the day, saying how much we miss each other, and what we will do this summer when I’m back home.
  • What advice can you give the next boyfriend/girlfriend or couple in this situation?
    • Him: If you truly enjoy who you are with this person then the distance is worth it because it’s only temporary and the reward will be well worth it if you don’t give up.
    • Her: You must be 100% committed to that person, there can’t be any insecurities, disloyalty, and no communication. Speak up when something is bothering you because the other person can’t read your mind.