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Combating the Winter Blues

Winter. It's dark, cold, and gloomy for the most part. If you live in Pennsylvania, you especially know what I’m talking about. For about 4 months out of the year, it gets dark before 5:30 and for about one month, there is no sunlight, only overcast skies. Living like this for a third of the year can be tough, so here are some tips and tricks to try and combat the winter blues.

  1. 1. Go outside when you can

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    Though it is tough and cold out, it is important to go outside when you can. Take advantage of warmer days and find something to do, even if it is as simple as going for a walk. Even if it isn’t that warm out, go outside when it is still sunny and enjoy the warmer times of day.

  2. 2. Be active

    group of people ice skating

    Find a way to be active. Joining a gym or finding a new sport or physical activity that you enjoy is a great way to combat the dreariness of winter. Get a friend to join you and make a habit of going.

  3. 3. Try new things

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    With lots of time to spend inside, it is a great opportunity to try new things or activities that you may not have time for during the nicer parts of the year. For example, if you have ever wanted to try knitting or paint by color, winter might be the perfect time to try.

Whatever you decide to do to combat the winter blues, remember, winter is only temporary. Even though it is dark and cold, eventually the sun will come out and shine again.