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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

Making Change in Your Life

  • Focus on your mindset

Your mindset is everything. The way you think about yourself, situations and the world around you can determine everything. When you change your mindset and start thinking positively it can easily lead you to success. There are two types of mindsets; fixed and growth. A fixed mindset means that you believe change cannot occur. Once introduced to a challenge or difficult situation, an individual with a fixed mindset will lose faith and want to give up. On the other hand, an individual with a growth mindset will have fun with challenges. They will keep going until they reach their goal and take it in as a learning process. A growth mindset can start with simply changing your everyday vocabulary. Change those “I cant’s,” to an “I will.”

  • Step out your comfort zone

You only live once. This does not mean that you have to go crazy and take major risks on the daily, but do not go on living life and saying, “I wish I would have…”. Make it happen. For example, if you want to go skydiving but do not think you are ready yet, take small steps. Instead of going and jumping out of an airplane, go to indoor skydiving to get the beginner experience. Before my junior year in college I never was a part of any organizations at my school, because I am shy and was not really interested in meeting new people. Now I am in three organizations, met some incredible individuals and not only am I the head chair, but it will look great on my resume. Start small. You never know what can happen!

  • Continue to search for new opportunities

Challenge yourself every day. Instead of sticking to your routine, shake it up a bit and push yourself to your full potential. If you go to the gym and lift the same 20 pound weights every time, give yourself a challenge and increase your weight or how often you are working out. If you are not a gym person that is okay too. Say you have been employed with the same employer for three years and you are getting bored. Are you truly satisfied with still being a sales cashier in the local shopping mall? If not, speak to your manager about some new opportunities that may be available; if they brush you off or do not give you a chance go on a job hunt and make yourself happy. Never settle!

  • Keep good company

They say that you are a reflection of the company that you keep around you. If you keep negative people in your company, they often will hold you back and bring you negative energy. But, if you keep positive people around you and those that challenge themselves on a daily basis, most likely you will inspire each other. Appreciate those who support you, want the best for you and talk about more than gossip or negativity.

  • Read more

When I was little I used to love going to the library and checking out new chapter books to read. As I got older I lost my interest in doing so, or maybe it was just the fact that I lost time. Now as a junior in college, I found my passion for reading again and it helps me every day. Not saying that I read a new chapter book every week, but just reading something positive helps me have a better day. For example, if you believe in God download the Bible app on your phone. There are thousands of different plans that you can choose from that will share devotionals with you focusing on anxiety, stress, relationships, patience, hope, anger and so on. You choose which area you believe you need to strengthen. Recently I read a book called “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” and it changed my whole outlook on life. Take some time out of your day, or even every other day to pick up a nice book to read. Remember, self-care is important!


Graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S in Child Development and Family Relations in May 2018. I have a passion for working with the youth, making a difference in the community, and having a positive impact on individual's lives. "A good woman, trying to be a better woman, while inspiring and helping the next woman."