5 Things to Do in a Boring Lecture

We’ve all had to sit through classes that make us want to curl up in our seat and go to sleep. It’s even worse when the class has a mandatory attendance policy. While going to class is a very important part of college, some classes you just wish you would have taken online. If you find yourself sitting through a less than exciting lecture, try these 5 tips to stay awake.


1. Caffeinate

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Caffeinate before and caffeinate during. A boring lecture is painful, but any form of caffeine can help you stay awake or at the very least be a distraction.


2. Make a friend in the class

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Boring lectures are a lot better when you have a friend who is suffering with you as well. Friends can nudge you when you nod off or crack a joke every now and then.


3. Take notes

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If your professor lectures from a PowerPoint, try taking handwritten notes because then you’ll feel like going to this class wasn’t a total waste of time you could have spent studying for that exam coming up.


4. Make a detailed to-do list

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I do not encourage distractions during classes, but falling asleep during class is embarrassing. If you feel yourself falling asleep, start writing down all the things you need to do for the rest of the day. You might be more stressed now, but at least you’re not snoring.


5. Look at pictures of cute animals

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I don’t know why this works, but it does. If your professor is okay with laptop use in class, look at cute animals. Any time I am struggling to stay awake, I just Google “puppies” and I am instantly more awake.


Boring lectures are an inevitable part of college. While it may seem like a total waste of time, it may one day be beneficial or become useful in another class. Try to arrange your days so that your less interesting classes are mixed in with the classes you love.