4 Mentally Refreshing Activities for Spring

It's been over a year since Covid swarmed the country, and it has mentally affected everyone differently. We've been stuck inside for so long that it's essential we get outside- we need that vitamin D! So, here are 4 activities you can tackle for spring to care for your mental health. 

  1. 1. Visit a State Park

    Whether it's tiny or endless, get outside and see the beauty of your state! Personally, being in that type of care for the environment with so much beauty and natural formations is incredibly refreshing and takes my mind off of things. This is also a safe way to get out and avoid large crowds!

  2. 2. Take a Walk Through Your Town

    Whether you walk, skate, or ride a bike it can be renewing to get out and reconnect with your environment. Go through your town and see what's new or unchanged! Getting out of the house and moving can help rest your brain and give you a break from your thoughts.

  3. 3. Take Your Work Outside

    woman with headphones under tree

    Find yourself a quiet, relaxing environment to focus on while enjoying the fresh air and open space. Changing up your work environment can be beneficial and allow you to think outside the box. This can also help you to avoid sitting inside all day!

  4. 4. Try Some Outdoor Yoga

    woman standing on left foot while lifting right foot upwards during daytime

    Doing whatever you're comfortable with, take the time to focus on yourself and your surroundings. Let the sun wash over you and stretch your body, allowing it and your mind to relax and open up. Physical activity reduces blood flow to your brain, targeting muscles instead, literally allowing your mind to take a break!