Why I'm Thankful for My Mom

Now all, but one, of you have a different mother than I do, however that doesn’t mean that this letter doesn’t relate to how you feel about your loving moms and mother figures in your life. As we get into the holiday of Thanksgiving, take some time and reflect why these women are so special and remind them how much you love them.

Dear Mom,

            It’s difficult to figure out where to begin. You’ve known me since forever and have seen me through almost every milestone imaginable: from my first word - "sock" - to sending me abroad all on my own for a long time. You’ve made many of these experiences possible through unending support in numerous ways and you have made sure that I can follow my dreams if they are important to me. The sacrifices moms make for their kids seems to go unnoticed during many times of the year and that is not fair. Moms, like you, should hear all of this more often.

            Moms have one of the toughest jobs in the business, according to most people. You find something you love and care for more than anything else in the world and then you have to teach it, love it, watch it grow and then send it off into the world as an independent adult that may not always need you every step of the way. You want to do everything you can to protect your child and ensure that they live the happy lives that you want for them. Mom, you’ve stood up to adults who bullied me, helped send me abroad and even tried to still take care of me when you were the one who was ill. When things get tough and out of our control, you still do everything you can to make it easier, which is quite the feat. I’m lucky I grew to be the adult that I am now because of your help.

            But it’s also the little things that you do that make you a mom-figure to my friends and not just me. You make up songs about our dog, which you have given so many other nicknames to which we rarely ever use the real name. You decide we absolutely need the battery powered raven that recites Edgar Allen Poe poems because it’s Halloween, duh. You never remember if you turned the oven on or off … or on. And you say the same thing when I say I did really well or really poorly on an exam: “Go order pizza or something!” You’ve made Chinese tacos for Christmas dinner and always remind me and my roommates how to tell if our chicken is finished cooking. Just by doing quirky mom things, you make an environment where my friends feel more like adopted children rather than visitors.

            Lastly, you sacrifice so much - from time to money to sanity - just because you love us unconditionally. I know we’re away at college and not always home, but we love the time we get to see you or talk to you. Every bit of it is special, just like you.

I love you,Anna, aka Fizzbee/Baby A

* Photo courtesy of Anna Goodlett