Why I'm Over the Kardashians and Why You Should Be Too

Their constantly changing faces and bodies are the covers of magazines that consume the shelves of every store you visit. Collectively the clan has 72.3 million Twitter followers and they’re the most talked about family of the year. But the Kardashian-Jenner crew is more of a phenomenon than a family, if you ask me. And for what? Absolutely nothing. I mean, unless you count posing naked on the cover of Paper magazine, posting selfies with recently injected lips or having a scandalous divorce rumor go viral. You can’t even look at the latest Buzzfeed articles without seeing that someone was making fun of Kendall or that Kim wanted to buy North an extravagant Christmas present. 

I’m not one to bash pop culture, social media or turn down the latest gossip by any means. I always have loved to see if Bieber and Selena are back together, if Brad and Angelina have adopted another kid, which casts of certain shows or movies have reunited, etc., but there is also something to be said about stopping and looking around us. Recently our generation has been dubbed the “selfish generation." We only care about ourselves and what is happening with us and I can’t blame us. Everything is at our fingertips, with one click and a little bit of cell service or wifi we can get all of the information and gossip we need, which is what makes us so entitled. But this all-consuming popular culture world we are living in, where we worship these “celebrities” who are doing nothing for us or for the world around us, is even more selfish.  There are seven-year-olds who are closer to making a difference in a third world country than anyone with their face plastered on the cover of a magazine. There are controversial topics and debates being brought to congress that people our age should be educated on, instead of taking quizzes that say “Which Kardashian would you be best friends with." There are other celebrities that have million dollar investments going to different charities worldwide to make a difference. There are people risking their lives to protect our country each day and we’re looking at a picture of Kim Kardashian balancing champaign on her ass.

Obviously, pop culture isn’t going away. And it shouldn’t; everyone needs some entertainment in their lives and we wouldn’t be the same without it. However, even though it’s incredibly entertaining to read whether Kourtney and Scott are getting divorced, it’s even more important to take a second out of your week to become educated on the world around us.