Surviving Indiana Weather On Halloween

Hoosiers can, once again, thank the miserable Midwest weather for threatening their fall festivites with rain, cold and - brace yourselves, Collegiettes - snow. There’s not only a 60 percent chance of rain showers, but also a 40 percent chance of snow. We, at Her Campus IU, imagine you’re mustering up a full-blown, grown-up temper tantrum. After all, you had just burned through X-amount of cover fee funds on a non-refundable, non-waterproof costume and you had already sacrificed Y-amount of study sessions to narrow down your many Halloween Pinterest boards to just a handful of Pins. Don’t worry collegiettes; HCIU has a survival guide for this holiday's frigid forecast:

  • Obviously, waterproof cosmetics are a must for this year’s Halloween festivities. If you don’t already have waterproof mascara or eyeliner, you have two options – pay a visit to CVS and purchase some or don’t wear any at all. The latter isn't even an option, is it? Didn't think so. Waterproof mascara it is. Umbrella or nah, rain will most definitely collide with your luscious lashes and soon your sexy witch costume will become a reality as your makeup melts away.

  • Although your mascara and eyeliner are likely to be attacked first by the storms, other made-up facial features matter too. First, go easy with the color. Halloween is the most acceptable time to experiment with your makeup routine; however, a rainy Hallows’ Eve is a perfect excuse to put the rainbowed makeup palette away for one more night. Instead, play up your eyes with more neutral colors with looks like a smoky eye or a subtle cat eye. The same rule of neutrals applies to your cheekbones as well. Because you’ll be walking through cold weather, your nose and cheeks will naturally blush as you party hop, so we advise collegiettes to shy away from applying additional color.

  • Lastly, HCIU suggests dressing your pout in a lip stain rather than a stick or gloss. Stains will not only last you all night, but they’ll provide you with a matte feature that’ll complement your bound-to-be dewy look.

  • The next step to a successfully stormy Halloween is based on your wardrobe choices. Although Halloween often calls for less-than-classy exposure, covering up on your way to and from your festivities is a necessity. Investing in a chic, yet affordable jacket will not only come in handy on Halloween, but also during the cold months that follow.

  • You’ll also want to bring a collapsible umbrella that will neatly fit in your purse. As we share this piece of advice regarding outerwear, HCIU is well aware that carrying extra belongings is a far from an appealing idea; however, a stab at resolving said dilemma is a piece of cake. Simply and politely ask the host if you could house your belongings in a private room for the duration of your stay. If a host is reluctant, and as all Collegiettes know, a little flirting can go a long way. Note: Leaving your belongings in a host's room is also a perfectly legitimate, and not to mention casual, excuse to get their number.

  • Another option is to incorporate your outerwear into your costume. A little research and a lot of creativity can transform any item of clothing into a brand new look. Tights and closed-toed shoes are also fashionable and fabulous ideas for staying dry and warm this holiday. Even if they’re thin, tights will prevent your bare strut from sprouting goose bumps while closed-toed shoes will keep your soles from slipping and sliding.

Lastly, it’s important to maintain a positive and poised attitude. Don’t let a premature chance of snow  keep you from having the best Halloween yet. Even if your final look isn’t exactly what you had in mind, a comfortable body will lead to a confident mind. Remember, a warm Collegiette is a smart Collegiette.