Joey Caputo '16

Name & Nicname: Joey Caputo, Capoots. I got it in grade school and it kind of just stuck.
Major(s): Sports marketing & management
Year/Age: Junior, 20
Hometown: Des Plaines, IL
Relationship Status: Single!
Fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha

Hobby: Watching ESPN
Food: Any kind of barbeque
Beer: Heineken Light
Drinking Game: Circle of death/Kings
Movie: "The Dark Knight"
TV Show:"Entourage" & "Friday Night Lights"
Celeb Crush: Blake Lively
Dream Job: Being the next Ari Gold
Themed party: Foam party

HCIU: What is something on your IU Bucket list that you haven’t done yet?
JC: Swim in Showalter Fountain

HCIU: What do you like most about your fraternity?
JC: The brothers in the house and how much tradition the house has.

HCIU: What is your most memorable experience at IU?
JC: The basketball games.

HCIU: What three things do you look for in a girl?
JC: If she can make me laugh, has a great smile/eyes, and intelligence.

HCIU: What’s a fashion trend that confuses you or hate the most on girls?
JC: High waisted shorts. I just don’t understand them.

HCIU: Any hidden talents?
JC: I’m a great cook/grill master.

HCIU: Deal breakers?
JC: If she can’t handle my sarcasm or my friends from back home.

HCIU: What is the best concert you have ever been to?
JC: Zac Brown Band at Country Thunder.

HCIU: Do you have a favorite quote?
JC: “Celebrate life, drink for the enjoyment of it, and experience the happiness that comes from being around the people you love.” –Max Tucker