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The Brospective: Fall Time Again

What are some good fall dates?October 31st is Halloween, and November 27th is Thanksgiving, so those dates are probably the best fall dates. Seriously though, fall time is a great time for dates, as is spring, winter and summer. Some date ideas I had when thinking specifically of fall time were:

  1. Have a Picnic at a Park: This is a classic date. With the crisp, multi-colored leaves and slight chill in the air, a park becomes the obvious place to dine on “gourmet,” packable foods, such as sandwiches and chips—a bottle of wine could find its way in there, I’m sure. Parks are so beautiful this time of year – especially in Bloomington – and what better way to acknowledge the beauty around you than with another beautiful face to share it with? I’m looking at you, ladies. So head out to McCormick’s Creek, Lake Monroe or Griffy Lake with a wicker basket under your arm and a cutie in the other – not to mention a big ol’ blanket – and have some good adventures and conversation.
  2. Scare yourselves at Haunted House: Sure, a haunted house is somewhat cliché, and Halloween is over, right? So, why bother? Well, I’ll give you the cliché, but just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean you can’t get scared; it also means the entrance fees will be cheaper. These dates are great fun, if you don’t get too scared. They are often filled with more laughter than anything else, even screams. So go get a little scared.
  3. Get Lost in a Corn Maze: Much like the other aforementioned dates, a corn maze is a must. Get out there, and get lost in a maze, only to then get lost in each other’s eyes.

What are some fall trends that guys like and hate?I can’t really say all together the best outfit to wear (besides a sundress and converse, but come on) I’ll say though, I do notice some good things to include in an outfit and somethings that need to stop.

For starters a good fall “trend” would be some nice boots. I’m not talking Uggs, because those are repulsive. I’m thinking the boots that say, “Hey there handsome man, I’m an adventurous woman.” Those are pretty nice looking. Couple that with some denim and I’m sure you’ll be looking good.

Stop with mustaches. Those grow on men’s faces, and it’s ok to appreciate them, but don’t wear them. It’s just plain wrong and off-putting to me. The other day I saw a mustache dress. No.

Flannel is a go, as well. The science of my gut says that a woman wearing flannel is warm and inviting. Plus, you can find a wide variety of looks, too! Conversely to that, however, is anything not warm, i.e. tanks, short-shorts, etc. Those just translate two things: One, I am trying to show off even when it’s cold outside and two, I am cold. You don’t want to be cold and a showoff.

But, ultimately, those are just a few likes and dislikes of mine. If you think something looks good on you, just go for it. I’m sure it looks great. Or try looking like this:

If a girl wants to talk to a guy, but doesn’t want to approach them, what should she do?*Stare at him.

Just kidding; while staring at him may get his attention, it may not be the kind that you’re looking for—or maybe it is, to each their own. But in case, you don’t want him to think you’re a complete psychopath. I’d say there are a few ways to talk with him in a more indirect manner, giving him the opportunity to step up and approach you.

Say you’re at a party and you’re playing euchre, or something. This is the perfect opportunity to have only two friends! Use them as a team and introduce yourself to the handsome gentleman, asking if he’ll be your fourth. This is his chance to get to know you, hopefully he takes it. If he says yes, you’re golden. If he says no, you can tease him it’s because he doesn’t know how to play. If he doesn’t actually know how to play euchre: You don’t want that kind of person in your life, get out of there.

*This question took some thought, and is in response to my honor of being questioned as the Campus Cutie a few weeks ago.

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