Best Winter Things: What to Wear When it Gets Cold

As I sit in class on a day where the windchill burns my skin and my teacher plays a movie to pass time in between learning material and beginning finals, I couldn’t resist blogging about fashion. Even on the worst days of the year, it's important to stay trendy and look hot even when it's cold. So, to stay in the holiday spirit, I've written you an anthem to the tune of “My Favorite Things” with winter clothing essentials. Pictures, prices and where to get the item are included after the song. Enjoy, Hoosiers!

Fuzzy knit beanies and new kinds of timbsBright colored flannels and warm, furry mittensComfy sorel boots, tied up with stringsThese are a few of the best winter things

Cream colored sweaters and thick parka coatsEarmuffs and ugg boots and a new toteGloves where you can continue textingThese are a few of the best winter things

Infinity scarves with heavy wool socksTrendy sweatpants or joggers really rockSwap out black for some patterned leggingsThese are a few of the best winter things

When the frost bites, when the chill stingsWhen you’re feeling coldJust simply remember winter’s best thingsand then the season won’t get so old!

Have a great winter break and stay warm!

A new lighter version of the Timberland boot for women - $180 on the Timberland website.

Lululemon makes a great texting glove that is sleek and keeps your fingers warm for $28

A great jogger by monrow sold through Revolve Clothing for $158