5 Trends to FALL in Love With

This fall, designers seem to have caught onto the notion of womens' want for comfortable clothing. This season is filled with large silhouettes, chunky knits, furs and even velvet. Here are some of my personal favorite trends that you should definitly experiment with this season:

Shearling: This is the type of garment that you will be thankful to have in your closet now that good 'ol Bloomington weather has taken a turn for the worst. You can find shearling on a number of items including vests, bombers, collars and booties. 

River Island

This trend even works with another great piece for fall, the parka! 

Plaid: Yes, I know this trend may seem so overdone, but please hang on for just a little longer - I promise it won't dissapoint. This season, we're seeing plaid on almost everything, and I'm not complaining! You can find it on coats, dresses, skirts and even pants. 

Paige Denim

I own these and they're a favorite of mine and, not to mention, incredibly comfortable!

Fur: And since we're all broke from last night at the bars, obviously go for the faux. Designers have incorporated many different colors into fur for this season, so go bold or go home, ladies.


Wear-out sweats: I don't know what sounds more appealing than sweats made to wear outside the house. This invention couldn't be the more perfect thing to wear to class on those days you just do-not-care (but, really do). You could also take this trend to the next level with leather sweats. And yes, I swear it's a real thing. 


Pastels: Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to boring, dark neutrals. Add a little brightness to your fall wardrobe. Not only are pastels pretty, but they instantly put you in a better mood. 

Gucci Fall Runway

And, here's a little street style inspiration to get you through the week: