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5 GIFs to Describe Midterm Season

Midterm Season: the time every semester when professors assign tedious projects, exams, and papers in order to “wrap things up” before Spring Break.

Like most college students, HCIU writers are (barely) coping with the added midterm stress, all while shopping for new swimsuits and clothes for the warm travels of Spring Break. So in honor of this incredibly taxing time, here are 5 relatable GIFs to describe midterm season.

  1. When a professor assigns something new the week before break, but all that is on your mind is the sand and the beach.

2. When your parents call and ask if you’re still keeping up with your schoolwork and you have to act like you’re okay, even though you know you’re not.

3. When you realize you still have to pack.

4. When getting up for your 8 am is getting harder and harder as the days go by.

5. When you finally finish all of your work and leave for Spring Break.

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