Tips for Surviving Your First Month of College

My first month of college was certainly not easy. For the first few days, we did not have classes so there was much more stress on us to meet new people and attend activities regularly. While it was fun and exciting, the first few days gave me quite a bit of anxiety (adjusting to a new room, a roommate, the fear of making new friends, etc.) and I was constantly worried by the idea of starting a whole new life. To deal with the stress and anxiety, I came up with a few steps to better adjust to college life.


1. Establish a Routine

The most important thing about surviving your college career is consistency. Establishing a daily schedule helps you grow into your new college lifestyle and keeps you distracted from any anxiety or nervousness you may have adapting to your new environment.


2. Get involved

I know every college steadily encourages this but it was really helpful for me in my first month to try out some clubs I had interests in. Most schools usually have clubs for anything and everything you could think of: music, politics, sports, HER CAMPUS!!! This better establishes your place in college and really helps you find yourself (as cliché as it sounds).


3. Go to the gym

While building the motivation to go to the gym is my worst nightmare, utilizing your campus gym doesn’t just help you physically but mentally too! Exercising stimulates the growth of memory and connections in your brain. You are so overloaded with papers and exams that even half an hour on the elliptical can help keep your brain flowing through the week.


4. Don’t miss opportunities to make friends

The best part about the first few weeks of college is that nobody knows anyone and mostly everyone is extremely open to meeting new people. So as bad as you may want to lay in bed and binge watch The Office for the thousandth time, push yourself to keep your door open and go down the hall to meet your new floormates. Go to a party (even if it isn’t your scene), go to a first-year event or even the dining hall and sit with someone new. Even walking outside and sitting in the quads can go a long way! That is how I met my current group of friends!


5. Learn to relax, but not too much!

Between your classes, clubs and the countless hours you may spend in the library, let your brain take a little breather by watching some Netflix or taking a power nap between activities. Don’t make resting too much of a habit because, if you’re anything like me, you may not get out of bed. Setting alarms when you nap is key!


6. Remember to take care of yourself

A huge issue I had when coming to college was trying to involve myself in so many activities that often times I would forget about eating and staying hydrated. I know it sounds ridiculous, “forgetting to eat,” but it happens! You need to maintain your health and nutrition with how much you’ll be doing every day.


P.S. Remember you are in college to get a degree and have a successful career, so do not worry about missing out on social events! As the saying goes, most people are in the same boat as you, and will not forget about you if you miss one hangout. Good luck!