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Thank you from your CCs/Semester Reflection

As the year is finally starting to wind down, we wanted to take a minute to thank our incredible team of e-board members and writers. While we continue to build our team, this semester has been filled with enthusiastic voices, ideas, and people. 

Here is a look back at some of favorite published moments of Fall 2017:

Isabella Grullon's "A Month in Manhattan"

While our senior editor takes a semester to intern at UN Women and attend classes in NYC, she humorously details the trials and tribulations of living in the Big Apple, away from the simplicity of a place like Ithaca. We love this piece, as it is practical, motivational, funny and just a little self deprecating. Thank you Isabella for all of your work this semester!

Gillian Friebis' "Zoos Are Actually Pretty Terrible"

We can always count on our features editor, Gillian, to draw our attention to the world of animals. Not only does she come to meetings with the latest information on the animal kingdom, but her blend of sass and bluntness never goes unnoticed. We can always count on Gillian for direct coverage of goings on in the world that mixes opinions and headlines.

Hannah Thomas' "Holiday Packing Survival Guide"

Hannah definitely gives the best advice, and her article on Holiday Packing shows this. Should we call her the voice of reason? Thank you Hannah for keeping us organized, both in your wonderful articles and in the the awesome job you do as our secretary!

Lola Oretade's "Winter Tips for Nappy Headed Gods/Goddesses"

We can always count on Lola to have an idea every week for an article, and her range as a writer is impressive. Whether it's this awesome article on hair/beauty, or picking a tea for your mood, Lola is always instrumental in bringing in new pitches and articles to the team. She is also one of our newer members and our social media director. Thank you Lola for our inspirational insta posts!

McKinley Walsh's "Thanksgiving Break as a Freshman"

McKinley is not only our event coordinator, but also our go to "fresh perspective". Leaning on her for the freshman perspective is always useful, as our club tends to be heavy on Juniors and Seniors. While McKinley writes all kinds of articles for us, this article was particularly relatable. 

Joanna Langdon's "Cortaca '17: Return of the Jug"

Joanna, our profiles editor, is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable of events around campus, and is often in attendance everywhere. Her enthusiastic coverage of these events, especially the historic '17 Cortaca win, are crucial to our Ithaca chapter and keep us connected to our campus!

Thank you all for making this semester fun and easy. We love you all and can't wait to see you next semester!

Hi! I'm the Campus Correspondent for Ithaca College's Her Campus chapter and a double major in English and Politics (International Studies). I'm an equestrian, a lover of music and dance, and an aspiring writer and avid reader. While my long term goal is to teach political theory at the college level, I am planning to enter the workforce for a few years hopefully continuing to read, write, and edit. Her Campus has been my home since my freshman year, and it brings me so much joy to continue to write and run our chapter in my last year at school.
Tara Stacy

Ithaca '18

I love coffee, fashion and brunching
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