Winter Tips for Nappy Headed Gods/Goddesses

It is about that deadly time of year. You moisturize your hair every single morning, yet you get back to your room feeling as if your hair has done you wrong. The dry cold sucks moisture out of every fabulously curly strand of your beautiful hair. You’ve got to do something, but what could it be? Here are five tips on keeping your hair happy and nappy during the winter time.

“Protection Styles”

If you’re new to the natural hair community, this may not be something you’re familiar with. You cut off all your relaxed ends or are currently transitioning out of chemical processes and wondering what to do next. The easy answer (for the winter especially) is protection styles. Protection styles could be anything. The most important thing is that you are keeping the ends of your hair safe. This includes fun hairstyles like box braids, Bantu knots, twists, weaves, wigs and even a fake bun. It’s all about keeping those ends controlled and moisturized. Think about it. The further your hair gets from your scalp, the older it gets. The older it gets, the frailer it’s likely to be. The frailer it is, the more likely it is to break. And breakage is an all-around no-no, so take care of them ends girl.

Lil Yachty is on to something…You ain’t gotta comb if you’ve got braids in!

Head Scarves

Generally, head scarves are seen more as a fashion accessory for the summer, but you can wear it any time of the year plus it adds a sense of style to any outfit you wear. Even a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt can look dressed up with a cute headscarf. The point of these is again to keep those ends contained and happy.

Hairstyles? Meet scarf-styles

Shampoo Less…Try Co-Washing

Yes, shampoo cleans your hair. But shampoo doesn’t strip just the dirt from your hair; it strips the oils and nutrients from your hair too. That’s why we use conditioner, to put some of that nutrients back in your hair. What I would recommend for the winter, which already strips a lot of moisture from your hair, is to only shampoo your hair once a month. That’s right. Once. Maybe twice if you’re having a self-care day and you love being extra with your hair. Otherwise, wash it with water. Yes, just water. If you’re feeling your scalp is retaining buildup of products, an apple cider vinegar rinse may be the perfect thing for you, and if not that, then yes, shampoo. But shampoo close to your scalp, because that’s the issue. Again, those ends are your hair’s life.

No more shampoo in your eyes is something to be excited about!

Deep Conditioning Is Your Best Friend

This is one of the most important tips. Deep conditioning is going to be more important now than ever. I’m not going to advertise which ones to go for, but try and look for black-owned companies when choosing a deep conditioner not only to support our brothers and sisters, but because they know how kinky hair works. If you can’t find any products you’re interested in, just take a stroll through a local hair supply store (Walmart, Target, or Ulta) and look for the hair products that specifically say “kinky” or “curly” hair with ultra-moisture. Our hair takes in moisture at a different rate than straight hair, so you’ve got to be careful with your products. Also, make sure to also look up reviews on it. It may be for curly hair, but not your “type” of curly hair. If you’re not interested in using products in general, this next tip is for you.

Don’t blame Obama when your conditioner doesn’t work. I warned you!


These Specific Oils/Butters Will Give You Life

Here is a short list of oils/butters that are thick and perfect for coating your hair/keeping it safe from brisk winds as well as giving it the potential to grow: Avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, Jamaican black castor oil, argan oil, olive oil, etc. Also, you can mix most of these oils together or with an essential oil (like lavender or tea tree oil) for not only added health benefits for your hair, but aromatherapy. What a time to be alive, right?

Give love to your hair and you’ll get it right back! 

Lastly, stay warm this winter. And keep happy and nappy my friends!

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