Queer Eye 3 Reactions


Queer Eye finally came out with their third season, and we are loving it!

This season takes place in Kansas City, Missouri (bye, bye Georgia) and comes with a number of firsts, like the show's first lesbian! This season of course brought more tears and smiles and more "can you belieeeeves?" But most importantly it brought the Fab 5 back into our lives for a little bit which is utterly amazing.

This season also features more women than previous ones. From tomboy mothers to sister entrepenaurs, womanhood is especially featured in this season. 

The amount of female empowerment in this season is spectacular. Not only did they empower candidates to put themselves first and practice self care they helped sister business owners reach one of their lifelong dreams of bottling their barbeque sauce to sell in major stores. 

The best move came from Karamo in the first episode, when he recognized that boasting about female empowerment as a man was hypocritical and organized a group of strong and diverse ladies to have an open discussion about what it is like to be female.

I loved that Karamo did this; in today's society a recognition that as much as we want to, we may not be able to understand someone if we come from a different background is a tough but important lesson to learn. And he beautifully demonstrated that lesson in the very first episode of the season.

Also I loved that they celebrated one of the contestants 21st birthday on the public bus he takes to work and I sincerely hope someone does that for me

Yet the biggest controversy to come out of the season is the proper way of pronouncing "squirrel"

My reaction when Brits pronounce "squirrel" like 'skwirel'.

But the overall message from season 3 was:

and that is always truly appreciated.