The People of Applefest: Volunteer Otto Bonk

Name: Otto Bonk

Major: English and Politics

Hometown: Grantham, NH

Her Campus Ithaca College: What's your favorite thing about Applefest?

Otto Bonk: The food mainly. The apple cobbler specifically is a winner. It's bloody good.

HCIC: This year, you decided to volunteer for Tompkins Compost Recycling Trash (CRT). What exactly did this entail?

OB: Basically, our job was to set up additional recycling bins and compost buckets around Applefest and walk around and make sure that everything was in its place. This is important because if non-compostables get into the compost bin, it will ruin the compost. 

HCIC: Did volunteering change your experience of Applefest? If so how? 

OB: Yes it did. It gave me a new appreciation for how much trash is generated by festivals like this. It also showed me that it only takes a small effort to decrease that amount. Although we view Ithaca as a leader in sustainability, it seems that many people are unsure of things as simple as what is and what isn't recycling, compost and trash. If we really want to be sustainable, we have to put more effort in than a few extra bins and college student volunteers. 

HCIC: Many alumni come back to Ithaca specifically for Applefest. What do you think the appeal of Applefest is for current and graduated college students? Would you consider doing the same, or do you suspect this Applefest will be your last time?

OB: I think the appeal of Applefest is, apart fom getting really good food and some lovely crafts, it is a way for college students to become connected to the community of the town. They get to meet people that work in local businesses, they get to see what kind of things are in town that they might want to revisit later. It's also just a good tradition to participate in and might make you nostalgic after you leave. I would definitely come back if I had the time, to get some food and see some old friends. But mostly just the food.s