Men’s Crew Coxswain, Tara Griffiths

Name: Tara Griffiths

Major: Exercise Science

Year: Sophomore, Class of 2021


Her Campus Ithaca College: How long is the crew season?

TG: We are actually the only three season sport. We have a winter, spring and fall season.


HCIC: What exactly is your role on the crew team?

TG: I’m the Coxswain. Basically, the most important things I do are steering the boat and executing race plans. Our coach describes us as in-boat assistant coaches.


HCIC: What is it like being on the men’s team?

TG: It’s a blast. I was on a men’s rowing team in high school. It’s a lot of fun, I like to think it’s more competitive. I don’t know if I should say that or not, but it’s fun, it’s a good time.


HCIC: What is your favorite thing about being on the team? TG: Probably that we are all super close. Obviously, we are all super competitive, but at the end of the day we are all friends, which is really nice, especially being away from home.


HCIC: What are your races like?

TG: They are a lot. They are pretty intense, especially in the spring. It’s my favorite thing though, there’s nothing like being lined up next to a boat and seeing who can get to the finish line faster.


HCIC: What is the biggest challenge about being on the team?

TG: Jokingly, when I need a hair tie nobody has one, but, I was really welcomed onto the team pretty quickly. So, I never really had to face any opinions that I’m less than because I’m a woman. The guys really excepted the hard work I was willing to put in. I knew going in I was going to have to work a little harder.


HCIC: What is the training regimen like?

TG: In the fall, we are practicing six days a week, and we have to lift three days a week. Also, a lot of us put in extra workouts. We are usually working out at least two and a half hours a day.


HCIC: How long have you been rowing?

TG: This will be my sixth year. I started as a freshman in high school.


HCIC: What other extracurriculars do you participate in on campus?

T: I’m our team’s STAFF rep, I’m secretary of a club called DEAR, and I’m in the process of starting a club with my friend on the soccer team that’s going to be a community service club for athletes. I’m also a CAPS ambassador.


HCIC: Do you have any advice for someone thinking of joining the team?

TG: Definitely give it a try. I know it’s something that people aren’t usually exposed to and it can be scary but definitely try it if you’re even thinking about it. I tried it and fell in love with it.