The Internet’s Best “Satisfying” Videos

The Internet is going crazy over “oddly satisfying” videos where people or machines are performing soothing tasks. Some videos focus on cutting soap, playing with slime, squeezing foam, squishing sand and the list goes on. Many of the most enjoyable of these videos are compilations that combine multiple satisfying activities. 

The following is a list of satisfying videos on YouTube that are sure to mesmerize and relax you.

1. “The Most Satisfying Video Ever” 

Paired with upbeat music, this video is full of people creating perfect patterns out of all kinds of things.

2. “MOST SATISFYING SOAP CUBES VIDEOl Most Satisfying Soap Cutting ASMR Compilation 2018 l 2” 

One of the increasingly popular subcategories within satisfying videos is soap cutting. At first, I didn’t understand the hype. But after watching just a few they became a little addictive. 

3. “PAINT MIXING COMPILATION ( SO Satisfying and Relaxing ) #39” 

As the title suggests, this video is beyond relaxing. 

4. “Oddly Satisfying Video Compilation 😍”

Perfection within science and art is just so mesmerizing. 


The crunching sound of chalk is music to my ears. It’s so easy to get lost in all these soothing videos.

There are virtually limitless satisfying videos on the Internet. I am definitely guilty of falling down a hole of spending hours watching nothing but these kinds of videos. Welcome to your new addiction!