How to Survive Back to School Season

  1. 1. Buy a cute planner that works for you!

    Just need a to-do list? Need a minute-by-minute daily breakdown? Somewhere, there is a planner for you! 


  2. 2. Write out your schedule

    Having a written schedule of where and when you have class or meetings with professors will not only help you remember, but it will be a handy dandy reference for when you need to schedule something!

  3. 3. Get a good night's sleep!

    Start the semester off right by getting a good night sleep! Giving yourself a reasonable bedtime can help you maintain a restful sleep schedule throughout the semester.

  4. 4. Start a morning routine—that means getting up at the same time every day!

    Getting up at the same time every morning will help your body maintain a consistent schedule. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day will make it so much easier to get up for that 8 am! 


  5. 5. Plan out your outfit the night before!

    Save yourself time in the morning by planning out your outfit the night before! 


  6. 6. Don’t be scared to ask your professors for help!

    It’s your professor’s job to help you be the best student you can! Go to their office hours to get the help you need. 


  7. 7. Make sure you schedule some YOU time!

    Too much stress takes all the fun out of college. Even just a 5-minute meditation session can help you feel more awake and ready to take on the day!