How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

Everyone is freaking out right now about the coronavirus outbreak in China, but what American people, especially college students, should really be worried about is the flu. At Ithaca College and all around the rest of the country, the flu is running rampant. Students who didn’t get their flu shot are way more susceptible, but even those who did can still get the flu. Here are some tips to stay healthy in the midst of the flu:

  1. 1. Wash Your Hands

    Washing your hands will remove more harmful microbes than just using hand sanitizer. The soap in combination with scrubbing your hands together under warm water will physically remove them from your skin, rather than just using hand sanitizer. 



  2. 2. Get Enough Sleep

    Pulling all-nighters is terrible for you! Besides the fact that you’re left feeling exhausted, your body is not operating at 100 percent. Your body, just like your brain, needs sleep to rest. Most importantly, your body fights off disease while you’re sleeping. Getting enough sleep is imperative to staying well. 


  3. 3. Eat Well (and Enough!)

    Sometimes your only option is to have some ramen or microwave mac and cheese, but during the flu season, it’s important to make sure your diet is healthy. Junk food, as well as food that has too many saturated fats, can have a severe impact on your immune system. This is especially true if you aren’t already getting enough sleep. The added stress on your body makes it that much easier for the flu to sneak in and make you sick. 


  4. 4. Stay Hydrated

    It’s always important to stay hydrated! During the winter the cold, dry air will dry out your skin, which can cause it to crack and break. This is another way for the flu to get into your body. Besides your skin, your body needs water in order to function normally, especially when it comes to fighting off disease. 


  5. 5. Get The Flu Shot!

    Finally, it’s not too late to get the flu shot! Getting vaccinated and washing your hands are the two best ways to prevent all diseases, especially ones that are all around you, like the flu.