6 Reasons You Should Get Tested Regularly

  1. 1. Safety First

    The only birth control methods that can prevent STDs are condoms, internal condoms, and dental dams. Even if you are protecting yourself from pregnancy using another method, these are necessary protections from STDs. Since the U.S. public school sex-ed has failed so many people, let me just re-assert here; you can get an STD during oral sex, so yes, a condom/dental dam is necessary before you get down, especially if you and your partner are not exclusive.


  2. 2. If You Think Getting Tested is Hard, an STD is Harder

    I mean, if you’re worried about going to get tested, thinking about how much worse it would be if you remained untested. It’s going to be way worse dealing with an STD than it is scheduling a quick appointment at your student health center.


  3. 3. Most STDs Don’t Present Symptoms Right Away

    Which means you should be getting tested regularly so you can find out as soon as possible. Most STDs are treatable, especially if you discover it early. So get tested regularly! 


  4. 4. Hook-Up Culture is Real

    Not everyone participates in the college hook-up culture, but it is very present on college campuses. In an environment where people often have multiple partners, it is pretty easy for STDs to spread if people don’t get tested. It is important to get tested especially if you are a one-night-stand kind of gal or if you have multiple partners currently. 


  5. 5. It’s a Good Way to Ask About Someone Else’s Test History 

    You should always be asking for your partners’ STD test history before things get too hot and heavy. An easy way to ask about someone’s last test date is to bring up your own. If bringing up your own recent results doesn’t prompt some sort of reciprocation, you might have to outright ask. Remember; if someone is awkward about discussing sexual health, do you really want to be having sex with them? Don’t be afraid to refuse sex or certain sexual acts if someone refuses to share their results with you. You have to look out for your safety and well-being first.


  6. 6. Free and Accessible Options

    Many colleges and universities have free or cheap STD testing in their student health centers, and let you get tested confidentially. If not, there are local clinics such as Planned Parenthood offers the same resources. Plus, most tests are super quick and non-invasive, often just a cheek swab. So really, what is your excuse not to?