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Two Types of Students As Procrastinators

Everyone is lazy every now and then. We all have those times of procrastination during school time or even during vacation. But, there are two types (maybe more) of procrastinators when it comes to students.


1. Let’s starts with the one who just does not care about school at all. This type of procrastinator will go to school just because they must. They will sometimes enter class to sleep or do nothing. No matter how much you tell them the importance of school, they just don’t care. Students often procrastinate because they just don’t see the importance in studying.

2. The other type of procrastinator would be the one who starts the semester ready to be organized and plans on doing their class homework as soon as possible but at the end keeps pushing the “to do list” away. In this type, they do it for a good reason, they work better under pressure. This is the type of procrastinator I am. And if this is what works for you too, then that is fine as long as you finish your work and do good on it.

There is possible more types of procrastinators, but these two are the most common ones. Everyone has a unique way of organizing the way they study and that’s okay.

The only problem is when these habits get in the way of a good education. Which is what occur with type #1. Don’t feel bad about procrastinating, sometimes its needed.


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