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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Inter SG chapter.

Role models are very influential to someone’s life. They are people that are examples to others according to their behavior, values, and attitudes. We choose role models because we admire how they act, what they do, and what they did to get where they wanted in life. Sometimes we choose artists or celebrities as role models. Other times, our role models are the people closest to us in our life.


I believe there are different types of role models because, from my understanding, we take different things from the people we look up to, and build ourselves from a combination of all of them. Because we dedicated the days of this week to women, I decided to explain each of my female role models.


• Mother role model: My mother, who I admire because of the way she is and how extraordinary she is, is someone I aspire to be as excellent as of a mother, hard worker, and over all overachiever on basically everything I put my mind to, as she does every day.

• Aunt/ godmother role model: “Madrina Celines” (as I call her), is someone I admire due to being a great sister for my mother and how she always tries to cheer me up when she sees me down. I want to be as great of a sister and aunt/godmother.

• Friend role model: I have not known her for a long time, but from my friend Cristina is a person who tries to smile and make my day a little funnier even if she is passing through a hard or difficult time, she when I am around her. I also admire the way she encourages me to do things out of my comfort zone. I want to be as friendly, sympathetic, likable as a friend, and encourage-able as she is.

•Profesional role model: This type of role model for me is divided into two people, but I’m only going to describe the female person I admire professionally. Dr. Mabel Bonilla is a person I admire for her work ethic, as well as caring for her patients as individuals.

• Grandmother/ first teacher role model: “Abuela Cely” is a person who I admire for when she had so much patience when it came to teaching me things when I was a child. She was also very good at giving advice. When I grow older, I want to be an excellent grandmother, first teacher, and advice giver to my future generations.4

  • Artist role model: Choosing an artist as a role model can be hard because there are so many and many of the things we hear about them are influenced negatively by the media. That being said when it came to choosing out of the artist I like, I chose the one that I could look up to because of how she overcame many of the things that were wrong in her life as a teenager. I admire how Demi Lovato changed her life as a young adult, when she finally decided that she hit rock. I found it inspirational when she decided to change her life for the better, demonstrating that people can change if they really want to. I also admire her perspective on body image, and she taught me that I don’t have to look the way I did in high school.

At the end of the day, following what our role models do and doing things we admire them for turns us into the person we are and want to be. My role models taught me and are still teaching me things I need to be a good person in society.