How “The Sims” Impacts Real Lives

The Sims is a series of life simulation video games. Originally published in 2000, it was developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts (EA). Currently, it’s one of the best-selling video games of all time. The video game is about creating a person and satisfying their basic needs: hunger, hygiene, energy, comfort, fun, social, bladder, and environment. In addition, the video game gives the player the freedom to use their imagination to create a story for their sim, choose their dream job, and create their dream house. 

In the game, players can create sims or they can download it in the game gallery. The player has the power to develop the story and can create a plot twist of that story. From making your sim cheat on their loved one with another sim or getting abducted by an alien. The developers create new expansions, game packs and item packs; so, the players can have new careers, new worlds to explore, new clothes, new hobbies, and new items for their sims. Now, the Sims has versions for PC, cellphones, iPads, PlayStation and Xbox.

Currently, “The Sims” is starting to promote how they impact real lives with the hashtag #PlayWithLife on their social media. Moreover, they shared personal stories of some of their most famous players (known as SimGurus). The compilation of their personal stories about how they used the game to escape reality and  overcome their issues like bullying and depression; watch their video here. They use the hashtag #PlayWithLife on Twitter and it has many tweets from players sharing their personal stories of how the game changed their lives and helped relax their minds. One of the SimGurus, explained in the video that when she was 15 and already experience many surgeries during her lifetime that makes her feel a lot of pain and feel depressed because she had to stay at home; but then, she starts to play and that makes her happy because she can enjoy her life in the game.

This summer, the creators launched a giveaway called #ConservationistChallenge that encourages players to cleanup an outdoor area and take a selfie for a chance of win one of ten expansion game codes. The giveaway receives many tweets with selfies and videos of players doing the cleanup in parks, beach, and other outdoor places. Some of them, involve their kids to being part of this amazing initiative. As part of the hashtag, the creators encourage participants of the VidCon to recycle a plastic bottle for the chance to receive free game codes printed in a plantable and seeded card and reusable metal straws. 

In conclusion, this game not only motivates the players to use their imagination for designing their perfect world in the game, but it also encourages them to take care of our world and start loving and accepting themselves. For some of the players, “The Sims” is more than a game; it’s a place where they can be themselves and a space that let them to bring their own stories to life.