The Emotional Effects of Colors

Colors vary in tones and there is a wide range of tones that exist. Saturated colors versus colors that lack saturation; bright colors versus darker colors. We see colors on a daily basis and this has an emotional effect on us. Some colors have interesting ways of being created; for example, mixing yellow and blue will give you green,mixing red and blue will give you purple. Each of the colors we see have a meaning and an impact on the way we perceive them. 

Colors such as red and orange are warm tones; meaning that they make the viewer feel warmth. Cooler tones like blue, purple and green make the viewer feel calm and relaxed. We correlate colors with feelings. The following colors are often correlated with these feelings.


This color is often associated with feelings of passion, pleasure, strength, anger, excitement, and love. The reason why it is associated with these feelings is because when we see the color red, we think of intense emotions. 


Blue is linked to feelings of calmness, tranquility, security, sadness, and order. when we see the color blue, it can take us to a peaceful state of mind where we can relax and unwind, or leave us in a sad state, "feeling blue". 


Green is often related with feelings of tranquility and envy. This is the reason why jealousy is called "the green eyed monster". Green is also associated with nature, and the natural world.  


Happiness and cheerfulness are among the feelings this color can evoke. Although, yellow can also cause frustration or anger. After all, too much brightness in a room can be irritating. 


Just like autumn,this color is associated with feelings of warmth, enthusiasm, and excitement. Orange is also an energetic color. 


White has been linked with feelings of purity, or innocence for centuries. It is also relaxing.

Not every color has the same association with what people feel as colors and feelings vary depending on geographical location. But, one thing that does not change is the fact that colors make us feel emotions.