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Book Presentation on Campus: La Esencia de un Sentir

Feelings can be intense, but also inspiring. Just recently I wrote a profile on Nashali Galarza, a college student and now published writer. She recently published a book with a collection of poems (which you can read about here). Now every writer has a book presentation and on March 21st at 10:00 in the morning miss Galarza had hers.



She’s been anxiously waiting for this day and it’s finally here. The activity was held at the “Sala de Ex-Alumnos” of the Student Center at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German Campus. It was sponsored by the Department of Language of Linguistics and Her Campus Inter SG Chapter.


The room was starting to get full by classmates, friends, professors and family. The activity started on time and Dra. Graciela Tesan welcomed everyone. After the welcoming message, we had two ladies from the Music Department perform a to get us in our feelings. Music performance was followed by an invocation by Dr. Kenneth DiLorenzo. The prayer was beautiful and special. Later, Dra. Martha Viada offered a greeting to the public.



The poetry collection was special, and it needed to be presented by someone as special as the book. The writer’s classmates, friend and her campus partner, Alondra Santiago, presented the book and the writer. With nothing but beautiful words.




Nashali took the stage and with a huge smile on her face, started presenting the essence of her feelings. She began the book presentation with the most beautiful, personal and emotional poem, “Lizbeth”’ which is dedicated to her beautiful mother. Her mom, whom was present at the activity, couldn’t hold back her tears as she saw her daughter, in front of an audience presenting such a special poem.


After that beautiful and emotional poem, Nashali continued her presentation with “Soy Vacía” which is a fan favorite. She also read her poems “No soy santa, llámame puta”, “Somos brujas, “Tú”, “Mi poesía favorita” and “Miércoles”. The public was enjoying her opens and one even asked her to read more. You could feel her feelings being poured out with each poem, the emotions where there. Later, after she finished reading and thanked everyone for being there, another her campus partner, Irene Jhone, offered Nashali and the public a special message. And to finish the activity, the ladies from the music department, Yaharis Rosas and Melanie Colon, performed a last song.



Once the activity was over, Nashali stayed to sell some more books and sign them. Some snacks, drinks and candy were also provided.



To close up the whole activity, Nashali joined her friend and Her Campus Inter SG team for a group photo.



One more special thing I want to add is a quote Nashali mentioned “El cansancio es el precio del éxito”, which means that being exhausted is the price of success. This is true and something that should motivate you to not give up and follow your dreams like Nashali Galarza did. I’m looking forward to your next projects.

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