Zombie Apocalypse Coming Soon?

 People may think of zombies as grey creatures that walk around with their arms in front of them, drooling because that’s what the movies show us. People may think of zombies as people that came back from the dead and terrorize people. There are a few different ideas I and others have in mind of what a zombie can be. My opinion on what a possible zombie is can arise from pollution. Pollution has become a huge issue lately especially since social media has become more advanced. There have been a handful of pictures showing beaches covered in plastic and other debris. These pictures have caused an uprise in problems concerning our environment. Plastic obviously isn’t met for consumption so the fact it is infesting our water can cause a problem. There is a water filtration process that strips the water before we consume it but what if the problem gets so bad that the filtration process isn’t enough? If the filtration process doesn’t work then people can start ingesting chemicals that affect them mentally and physically that can turn them into “zombies.”  In a way this correlates with a “zombie” outbreak that happened a few years back. People were taking bath salts as a way to get high and some guy ate someone’s face off. The people who took these bath salts were being compared to zombies. The zombie like effects and hallucinations came from the chemicals ingested from the bath salts. The chemicals will eventually have an emotional and physical effect on the population which can cause everyone to basically lose their minds. Zombie apocalypse coming soon?