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I am sure that at one point while you were scrolling through instagram or checking Facebook you have seen an ad for websites such as Zaful and Shein. You see super cute clothing and swimsuits for prices that are too good to be true and you think, can this be real? I thought the same thing, however I am a poor college student so I thought to take my chances.


I had heard many of times that Zaful had great swimsuits, I have friends who have bought them and rave about their purchases. However, those few horror stories or reviews always made me second guess ordering. Eventually this March I decided to make an order of three bathing suits (tops and bottoms) and a top for a grand total of $70 dollars.


Now one of the most common complaints about orders from Zaful is the time it takes for the order to come in or orders being lost. Due to this I decided to pay the extra $3.00 for insurance on my order. Better safe than sorry and the total was already so cheap that I did not mind protecting my purchases traveling overseas.


I made my order to Zaful on March 26th and my order was delivered half on April 16th and half on April 17th. Prior to ordering the expected delivery date was in 13-21 days. So while it did come on the far end at three weeks it still was within the expected delivery frame. If you do plan on ordering from this website I would recommend ordering a little in advance of your preferred delivery date in order to insure your package arrives on time.



Once I received my packages I had very low expectations for the quality of my clothing and the packaging based on how cheap everything was. To my surprise each swimsuit came in its own individual zip block reusable bag and my top was wrapped nicely separately.

When it comes to the actual bathing suits themselves I was happily surprised. I am not saying these are the best quality bathing suits I own but for the price they are very nice. They looked exactly like they did online and fit great. However, the top I ordered was a little big but by no means something I could not wear and it was only $8 so I was still very happy with the purchase.


I ordered mediums in all of my purchases and I am about 5’9 and 135 pounds, if you are looking for a reference. When looking at sizes it really helped me to read reviews of suits and choose suits that had a lot of positive feedback.


While Zaful is not the best quality swimsuits and clothing in the entire world for the price you can find some really great pieces and doops for high end brands. After my experience I will definitely be re ordering from them and think the website is a great place for any on budget students.


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