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Which ARC Fitness Class Is Best for You?

Let’s face it. How many times have you walked around campus and seen those girls in Nike running shoes and Lulu leggings with a high pony on top of her head, and thought  “Ugh, I really need to get to the ARC soon.” If you didn’t already know, the ARC is just that 340,000-square-foot Activity and Recreation Center sitting in the middle of our campus. That girl is on her way to one of the largest on-campus recreational centers in the nation, and you are probably on your way to Chipotle (with one of the largest lines in the nation, but that’s not a proven fact). Then you wonder: do I hate her or wish I was her? Probably a little bit of both.

With spring break creeping up on us, now is the time to break out your workout gear, become that girl you hate and get your butt to one of the phenomenal workout centers our campus has to offer. This usually happens something like this:

Step One: Put on some cute leggings, a tank and those old Nike Free Runs.

Step Two: Nag some of your friends to work out with you today, possibly by slightly shaming them (“Did you really NEED that Antonio’s pizza last night?”).

Step Three: Find which bus will drop you off at the Arc (because let’s be real- we are not walking in this weather).

Step Four: Walk in the ARC like you’ve been doing it all year.

Step Five: Now what?

Many girls who are trying to get back on the workout grind do not know where to start. The ARC offers many group fitness classes that will help you start moving towards the body you’ve always dreamt of. Annmarie Chizewski, a program assistant and group fitness instructor for the Group Fitness Department at the ARC, can help you achieve your goal. These group fitness classes can be just what you need to kick-start your bikini bod in a fun, organized fashion surrounded by others with the same goal.

“It has been shown that when you work out with friends or have a support system you are more likely to stay consistent and continue with the program,” Chizewski said.

The ARC offers 26 group fitness classes split into seven options: cardio, cycling, dance fitness, high intensity, mind/body, strength and water. Everyone has different preferences when looking to choose a class; here are some recommended by Chizewski:

Are you looking to increase your cardio?

Try BODYCOMBAT, or for a higher intensity class, Chizewski recommends BODYATTACK, her favorite class on campus. This class focuses on sports performance training, including burpees, running and jumping.

“There is always a point in the class I want to leave but push myself past that track and am able to make myself move past that mental block we often get,” Chizewski said. “I love reaching my edge and moving past it and that’s what BODYATTACK does for me.”

How about building muscle in your abs and glutes?

BODYPUMP offers an all over body strengthening experience with sections focusing on sculpting your core and butt. Get 100 squats done in five minutes!

Forget the boring strengthening classes, I just want to dance!

BODYJAM is a cardio workout infused with dancing. Complete with trendy music and the latest dance styles, you will have fun and break a sweat. Also, the ARC offers Zumba, the popular new workout craze inspired by Latin dance and music.

I’m too stressed for all this, I need some yoga.

For those trying for the first time, Beginners Yoga would be a great place to start building flexibility and strength with simple poses and techniques. Instructors at the ARC are certified in Lyengar yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Beam and BODYFLOW. Madison Johnston, a freshman who has practiced yoga throughout  her life, enjoys going to a yoga class on campus when she gets the chance.

“The instructor did a really good yoga flow and there was a large turnout of people,” Johnston said. “It was great to relieve the stress of classes.”

For more information on each class and others offered, visit the “class descriptions” page on Campus Rec’s website. Once you find a class you like, you can check the group fitness class schedule and call ahead to reserve a spot.


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