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Nothing feels better than the weather warming up and finally being able to retire that winter parka. Spring fashion trends have begun emerging along with colors that are on track to be very popular this season. After a long winter, pops of color can be very intimidating, but this year’s color palette is fun and wearable. Get excited ladies—here are the colors of Spring 2018!


Pops of yellow began this past fall with deep mustard tones, but they’re back to make an appearance this Spring. I personally am a huge fan of yellow. Not only is it the happiest color ever—seriously you can’t be sad wearing yellow!—but it also is such a statement color. However, due to yellow’s bright nature, many people are afraid to wear it. A great way to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe is yellow nail polish. It’s subtle and you don’t need to worry about looking like Big Bird. If you are like me and don’t mind the yellow trend, there are so many cute sundresses and sandals in stores that add the perfect pop of yellow to your everyday look.


On Wednesdays we wear pink…along with every other day of the week! Blush has made a striking return this Spring. I love wearing pink because you can’t help but feel a little more flirty and feminine in the color. Compared to yellow, blush is a super easy color to wear and there are so many ways to add it to your outfit. Bathing suits, for example, have been coming out in a ton of blush tones. In contrast to all the bright colored suits, a soft blush swimmy will make you look chic and on-trend at the beach this Spring Break. Another fun way to wear the color is with a skirt. Blush can easily be worn with any neutral color, making it super easy to buy fun statement pieces in the color.

Blue and White

A combination made in heaven that we all have been wearing since we were born. Not any spring color trend could be easier than this. Any form of denim and a basic white shirt and—BAM!—you’re a fashion icon. In all seriousness, this trend leaves so much room to express yourself with your outfits. I am sure we all have something in our closet that follows these colors, plus it’s a great base for any other pop of color you want to add to your outfit. Besides denim, you can wear this color in so many ways: dresses, jumpsuits, and even jewelry. Blue and white jewelry match with so many other colors and can completely change an outfit. Find what fits your style and rock it!

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