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Mascara is something that all beauty enthusiasts know the struggles of. It smudges, it's not volumizing or lengthening, it doesn’t hold the curl and countless other problems you can have with mascara. Recently in the beauty community, there have been rumors going around about travel and mini size mascaras. The true story is they often times tend to be superior than their full size counterparts. Whether this is a marketing ploy to get people to buy the full size product or if it happens by mere chance, here are some of the arguments for travel size mascaras. 

1. They are, Obviously, Easier to Carry Around

Now this might be a bit of an obvious point, but there's a lot of convenience to the small size of the tube. It takes up less space in your makeup bag and it's easy to carry around. In the world we live in, space is precious, so the smaller you can make anything, the better. While this is a small detail and honestly doesn't have to do with the product itself, it's worth noting as a positive for travel size mascara. 

2. They Don't Dry Up 

Mascara, as a liquid product, has a tendency to dry and crust up around the edges. With smaller tubes, this tends to be less of an issue. With smaller mascaras, this issue is almost non existent. First of all, there's a higher chance that you will use up all the product before the opportunity for dryness to occur. Similarly, since the tube is smaller, it's harder for the mascara to get crusty on the inside because it's in closer contact with the brush. 

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3. They Tend to Be Cost Effective

Everything comes down to cost, and often times when you're looking at mini products, they cost a bit more for the amount of product. But with mascara, this doesn't usually ring true. Often times with mascara, you get half the amount of product as the full size (or even a little more) for half the price. With this being said, it doesn't hurt to get two small tubes for the price of one larger tube. 

[bf_image id="j52gghg4w9t59b53tgmvrm6s"] 4. Smaller Brush Means Better Application

Finally, and arguably most importantly, the brushes of travel size are a bit smaller. With this being said, it makes the application of the mascara easier and allows the artist to get closer to the lash line with more accuracy. In all honesty, since I've switched to travel size, I have a much easier time getting to the root of my lashes and getting a fuller and even coat on both eyes. 

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All in all, makeup is all about preferences and what makes you feel good, but with this being said, it's crucial when gaining knowledge and skill to turn to other people for tips. In my personal life, I've noticed a different since using smaller tubes. Everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you, but it's certainly worth a try if these are issues you tend to face when applying mascara. 

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