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Tips for Finding Your Perfect Major When You Can’t Seem to Decide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

Decisions are scary, and if you’re like me, a decision like choosing a major can be kind of – ok, really – difficult. College allows us to have so many opportunities at our fingertips, which is so amazing but also so overwhelming at the same time. With hundreds of different options, it can be hard to find that one, perfect major. Indecision can be extremely frustrating, but I have five great tips to help make the process a little easier – take it from someone who has been there!

1. Take a class you wouldn’t normally choose

Just go for it! College is the time to experiment and try out new things. From a class about Harry Potter to Intro to Comics to animal science, the possibilities seem endless. Luckily, we have much more freedom in college than in high school to choose our schedule, so you totally have the opportunity to add one or two of those classes that sound interesting. Personally, my GenEd classes were the courses that helped spark my interest in psychology, not the classes I was required to take. My point is, don’t be afraid to take a chance – you never know what could come from it.

2. Research career options

Take some time out of your day to really focus on what will make you happy now and in the future. Something I found helpful was to look up careers my major might lead me to. Could I see myself doing it? Would I like it? I know this may seem far in advance and unnecessary, but doing some personal research is pretty valuable in leading you to a decision.

3. Talk to friends & family members who have/had the major you’re considering

Hearing other people’s perspectives can be really helpful when you’re feeling lost, especially when those people have been there before. Their opinions and experiences, whether positive or negative, can be insightful and you should take them into consideration as you could go through something similar.

4. Attend research and career fairs

This is similar to #2, but this time, you can talk to people in the field you’re interested in. This is the perfect chance to ask questions, listen to what professionals have to say and absorb any information that comes your way. You really just have to put yourself out there and be willing to talk to people, even if that’s out of your comfort zone. And you may even find an internship or career by doing this!

5. Consider a double major or minor

Now this definitely does entail extra work, but it’s so worth it if you’re passionate enough. I recently added a minor, and I love the different classes I have the opportunity to take instead of just focusing on one subject. If you have multiple interests, adding another major or minor could really be the path for you.


At the end of the day, everything will fall into place and you’ll definitely get to where you need to be – just give it time!


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Madeline Sievers is an Advertising student in the College of Media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In her spare time, she loves cooking and baking, binge watching, and being with her friends, family, and adorable kitty. Follow her: @merelymadeline
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