STYLE: How To Style Victoria’s Secret PINK

When I asked some girls how they felt about Victoria’s Secret PINK line, I heard: that most of the items are super cute, but too many bold items in one outfit never looks okay. This is often times the impression college students have here at U of I, especially on the brand PINK. Victoria’s Secret has plenty of adorable, wearable items, but when you put on three items full of bling it becomes a little too much for the average girl.  But with that being said, I have found so many fall must-haves from PINK this season!

Here are some PINK outfits that girls have pulled fabulously. The items they chose from PINK were subtle, but totally fit the PINK “look.” The first photo is a typical class outfit.  Pairing an adorable Victoria’s Secret PINK tank top with a pair of jeans is the best way to rock PINK in class and on campus. To me, this style screams trendy and edgy, but definitely not the typical PINK look. I love the way you can incorporate brand names into outfits that don’t necessarily seem like that brand. It brings out the element of unknown in fashion. 

When I told her I loved her skull shirt, she said “thanks, it’s PINK!” I couldn’t believe her when she told me this. I think the brand has evolved over the time it has been popular. When PINK first started, it used to be branded big time, with sparkly “PINK” written all over it. I love the way they are evolving into a subtler, more discrete way of branding their clothing items. Above I pictured how little the words “PINK” actually are on the tank top. I would never be able to tell, and I love that!

Also with the outfit featured above, it is so easy to incorporate PINK into your normal causal wear. This neon pink, baseball-style tee is so cute. It mixes the feminine style with masculine, and you still would never be able to tell it’s PINK. Pairing a simple shirt with a pair of jeans, riding boots and a little accessorizing like a gold watch is the perfect everyday look. The shirt brings a pop of color, and you can still incorporate it with classic colors.

So next time you think about Victoria’s Secret PINK, forget the over-the-top branding of the past. PINK has done an awesome job of changing to basic pieces that are closet staple items. I know I can virtually throw on this baseball tee with any outfit and it will look great. It plays as casual comfy to dressed up cute in seconds! And hey, who doesn’t love a great pair of PINK yoga pants?