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Everyone hates packing. We always manage to over pack but still feel like we have nothing to wear. With Spring Break around the corner everyone is trying to squeeze as many bikinis and sundresses into their luggage as possible. We all want to be apart of that 50 lbs and under club so follow these tips to make your packing experience less stressful and leaving you with more space for all your souvenirs.

Check the weather

While we all hope that our location will have the perfect weather and everyday will be sunny and 75 that isn’t always the case. Checking the weather before will help avoid that awful rainy day surprise. If you need to bring a heavier jacket, wear you thickest attire on the plane, that way it leaves more room in your suitcase for things you will be wearing more often. Also airports and planes are often cold anyway, so you will probably thank yourself later that you brought an extra layer.

Plan your outfits early

We all want those perfect vacation Instagrams so make sure each day you have the best fit by planning your outfits in advance. Try on what you want to wear every day of your vacation, accessories and all, that way when it comes to picking out your outfits you already know you like how it looks. Preparing your outfits early will help avoid over packing because you only will be bringing what you actually will be wearing.

Two Words: Packing Cubes

You have probably seen these all over T.V. and wonder if they actually work, but they do. I love using mine for undergarments, bikinis, socks, or any other smaller clothing items that take up unnecessary space in my suitcase. Putting all these smaller objects into bags really helps limit clutter and leave room for the rest of your belongings.

Pack in chunks

We all have pulled all nighters before a trip because we procrastinate packing or were rushing around last minute and forgot half of what we wanted to bring. Rather than waiting last minute start packing a few days early and doing a little at a time. That way you have multiple days to review everything and make sure you do not forget anything important.

While packing may be a hassle, it does not have to be if you take your time and plan ahead you will be a packing pro in no time!

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