Spring 2021's Coolest Classes to Glow Up Your Online Semester

It's that time of year again - class registration! Time to scroll through long, endless lists of classes, wince every time two classes you want are at the same time, and set 8AM alarms to try and grab some seats in those courses. If you're stuck on what to take, here are some of UIUC's most unique and cool spring offerings!

1) GWS 204: Gender in Gaming

Interested in how and why we play video games, major movements within gaming, and games created by womxn and POC? This might be the class for you then! It's also cross listed with the ENGL and MACS departments.

xbox controller on a red keyboard ninastock

2) ARTD 209: Chado (The Way of Tea)

If you're interested in learning more about the intricate art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and mind/spiritual awareness, ARTD 209 is right up your alley. Bonus: it counts for the non-Western cultural studies gen ed!

3) FSHN 120 (Contemporary Nutrition)

This class is among one of the most recommended gen eds for Natural Science and with good reason; Professor Burkhalter takes an in-depth dive into myths and facts in nutrition. She helps you learn everything you need to know to be your healthiest self and genuinely wants all her students to learn a lot and do well!

4) PSYC 144 (Stereotypes and Discrimination)

This class takes a look at human behavior and how mental processes like stereotyping lead to real world inequalities and discrimination, an especially important topic in today's society. It's also a double gen-ed in Social/Behavioral Sciences and US Minority Cultural Studies. Unfortunately, it's only available to freshmen and sophomores, but well worth taking regardless!

5) SOCW 140 (Death and Dying)

This class might sound dreary at first, but it takes an interesting look at various cultures, beliefs, legal/ethical issues, and rituals surrounding death. It also counts as a social/behavioral sciences gen-ed!

6) CLCV 323 (The Comic Imagination)

Are you the funny friend? If so, this class, which takes a look at the history, context, and performance of Greek and Roman comedies, may just be perfect for you! It's only available to sophomores and above, but covers three gen ed requirements (Advanced Composition, Western Cultural Studies, and Humanities and Arts!).

7) HORT 105 (Vegetable Gardening)

Sick of your weekly trips to County Market for groceries? Why not learn everything you need to know about growing your own veggies and the connection between gardening and food in HORT 105? This class has an in-person lab section and online lecture.

Veggies! Photo by Iñigo De la Maza from Unsplash

8) MACS 346 (Case Study: Endless Summer)

This groovy course takes a look at surf culture and human motion through the lens of 1966 surfer film The Endless Summer. It explores a lot of unique themes like power, culture, and social roles.

9) PS 199 (Undergraduate Open Seminar)

This incredible class offered by the political science department every semester covers a wide variety of global political topics. This semester's offerings include sections on New East Asia, Human Rights in Argentina, and Drones in Asymmetric Warfare, and past offerings have ranged from Politics in the 60s to the 2020 Election!

10) ARTD 222 (Typographic Practices)

Specifically intended for students not in the graphic design major, ARTD 222 covers typography (the style and appearance of written language) as it relates to multiple media platforms! 

11) MDVL 216 (Legends of King Arthur)

Curious about medieval fiction and the middle age characters of King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and more? This class covers these legends from a multicultural and historical perspective.

12) HIST 245 (Wives, Workers, and Witches in Pre-Modern Europe)

This course (cross listed with Gender and Women's Studies) covers the history of women and gender evolution from the years 400-1700 and how the female experience, roles, and construct have changed with time. In other words, it's sure to be awesome. 

Witchy person holding spellbook Paige Cody on Unsplash