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flat lay of makeup
flat lay of makeup
Emily Nelissen
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you struggle to try to get out of bed for class, let alone trying to look cute. It’s too much work and requires way more time than the 15 minutes I give myself before class starts. But, we still want to look presentable, right ladies? So here are my top five ways to tackle that fresh out of bed look!

1. Messy Hair Don’t Care

Okay, it’s Monday morning and you look in the mirror and screech at the monstrosity that is your hair. Do you panic and go back to bed and avoid socializing ever again? No. Well, it depends on the day. But I would encourage you to pick up a brush and get to work on that mane! If you have curly hair, it might be beneficial to invest in a spray bottle. They can easily be found at Target for about $10 and makes a huge difference. Spray some water on your hair and use a Denman brush to unkink those curls. Do this for about two minutes and watch your unruley curls form into perfection. For my straight hair ladies, get that brush and first place your hair into a ponytail and comb the ponytail portion and then begin on the top when fully unraveled. Now, the best way to prepare for a messy day is to prep the morning after.

2. Wrap It Up

The best hack I have found is wearing a bandana to bed. Fold the bandana in half and then tie it around from the crown of your head to where the triangle is pointing to the back. Lay on your pillow and wake up the next morning and watch those flyalways disappear.

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Alanna Martine Kilkeary / Her Campus

3. Lips Popping 

My next hack involves those gorgeous lips of yours, before you fall asleep, put your favorite lip balm on your lips and over saturate them. Naturally, from tossing and turning, some of it will come off, but the right amount will stay and keep your lips hydrated and gorgeous when you wake up the next morning. 

4. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

This one goes out to all my ladies who need a little pick me in the morning. When you go to wash your face, use cold water instead of warm water and massage on a hydrating face cleanser. This will definatly help your skin look tighter and increase circulation in your face. . 

Sara Marsetti

5. Add Some Cute Accessories 

My last trick, which is by far my favorite to do, is to wear a cute accesories. For me, I love adding scarves to my outfits during the winter because it adds such a cozy and warm vibe. I recommend finding a scarf that’s a neutral color so it will go with a lot of your clothes and they give outfits an extra flare! 

So the next time your alarm goes off and you question yourself on whether it’s worth it to go to class; don’t fret. Remember these steps and make the day yours! 

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I am currently a sophomore at University of Illinois studying Marketing. I have a passion for working in cosmetics and promoting body positivity to young women around the world! I love music-specifically alternative rap. Enjoy!
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