New Year’s Resolutions to Start 2020 Off Right

A new year, a fresh start. 2019 has definitely had its ups and downs, but for the most part, I’m grateful for a year of growth and memories to look back on. The most commonly asked question right after the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve is “so what’s your resolution for this year?” and if you’re like me, your mind will totally blank out and come up with something cliche like “um, eat healthier??” I’ve never actually stuck to a New Year’s resolution completely because I end up forgetting about it two weeks later, but for 2020, I really want to improve on some aspect of my life. The change doesn’t have to be huge and drastic because those are the resolutions that usually never work out in the end. Here are some achievable New Year's resolutions to start off a new decade off the right way!

1. Try a New Activity/Hobby

Change is important to keep your life interesting and to grow, so why not try out something new? Whether it’s signing up for a workout class, learning to cook, reading a new book every month, meditation, whatever your heart desires, find an activity that will bring you happiness!

2. Be A Better Friend

Sometimes we take our friends for granted and don’t show how much we appreciate them. Be a better friend by communicating honestly and showing genuine feelings and empathy if they’re having a rough time. Let them know that you’re here for them no matter what and that they have your support. Yes, put the phone down and actually ~listen~ it’ll make your friendships even stronger!

3. Put Yourself First Once In A While

I’m not saying that it’s okay to be selfish, but often times we overlook our own happiness and well-being because we’re too worried about other people. When you put yourself first, you can discover new things and maximize your full potential because you’re dedicating time to personal growth.

4. Letting Go Of Things That Stress You Out

Stress can be debilitating to mental and physical health, so why would anybody want to start 2020 out that way? If there’s something or someone in your life that’s taking away the opportunity for you to be happy, then it’s best to let that thing or person go. Letting go of a toxic thing in your life can be extremely hard at first and may take a while for you to find yourself again because you’re so used to having it around. But in the end, you’ll come to realize that letting go is the best thing you’ve done.

5. Love Yourself

Confidence can be hard to come by, especially in a world that’s so competitive and constantly reminding yourself that you may not be good enough. I believe that everyone was put on this earth for a specific reason and to make a change, but before you can do that, you have to love yourself first. Love your abilities, love your talents, love what you can offer the world. Nobody is created the same, so stop looking in the mirror and saying you can’t do it. Instead, look in the mirror with a confident smile and say “I’ve got this.”

It’s time to close the chapter of 2019 and bring on the rolling 20s once again.

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