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Need A Self-Care Night? Here’s What Tonight Can Look Like

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Did you have a bad day? Or maybe you just don’t feel good generally?

You need some self-care.

Who better to do that than you!? YOU know EXACTLY what you’re going through, EXACTLY what doesn’t feel right, and EXACTLY what you need (deep down at least)! You need to feel taken care of.

Not sure how to start? That’s what we’re here for. Self-care can be a couple of simple little things, it can be a whole night of loving yourself and your body or it can be just sitting down for a minute to breathe. There is no perfect “recipe” for self-care, it is completely catered to YOU!

If you want to dedicate a whole evening, I will give you some ideas and things that I do when I feel like I need to prioritize myself. Note: these are things that I do; these are things that work for ME and what I prefer to do!

I start by getting cleaned up: removing my makeup; letting my hair down; showering/ rinsing and putting on some clean, comfy clothes that make me feel good and cozy. I wash my wash and put on a comfort show/movie or music! I also usually light a candle and try to have just string lights on, so that it is a calming space.

Next, I do my hair.

I usually brush my hair out and put on a little bit of moisturizing leave-in. My favorite thing to do is to massage my scalp all over. This is so relaxing and really calms down my nervous system. It’s also great for your hair because it promotes blood flow to your scalp! While I do this, I try to take deep breaths and listen for my heartbeat to slow down. After this, I put my hair in loose braids or just leave it as is, but make sure it isn’t in my face.

Now, time for some skincare!

My skin is makeup-free, clean from a face wash, and dry. I usually do a hydrating face sheet mask to start. The cool sheet makes my skin perk up and the hydrating properties moisturize my skin. While the sheet is on my face, I take a face roller and I start from my chin and move upwards and out. I then do my neck area moving down to allow for water retention to go toward my chest.

The combination of the hydrating face mask and the face rolling always makes my skin feel alive and sculpted. After 10-15 minutes have passed with the mask on, I remove it and wait a few minutes for the product to be absorbed. I finish off with some moisturizer.

The last thing I do is a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells and then I put a lip balm on.

To take care of my mind, I read, meditate, and do some self-reflection at points throughout the evening. I also tidy up my room and do my nighttime routine.

After an evening of taking care of myself, I go to bed.

I hope you take care of yourself in ways that work for you! You deserve to be pampered!

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Sarah Kahn

Illinois '25

My name is Sarah Kahn and I am a Junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign! I am studying Information Sciences, along with pre-med. I love to play tennis, sing, listen to music, and spend time with my friends! I also love to paint and be creative in a multitude of outlets :) I really love all things related to self-care, wellbeing, and makeup! I have always been interested in these things and prioritized them into my daily routine.