Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is hands down one of the best, most exciting times of the year when you’re in college. It’s always one of the highlights of my semester when I get to dress up and go out with my friends to celebrate this spooky holiday. However, I’ve come to realize that you don’t need to have an extravagant costume to have a good time on Halloween. I used to spend so much time, money and effort coming up with elaborative costumes when in reality, it’s best to keep it simple. That’s why I decided to share some easy costume ideas that you’re bound to already have in your closet! Keep in mind that no matter what you decide to wear, the whole point of Halloween is to have a fun, safe and memorable time!

1. Risky Business

The scene in Risky Business with Tom Cruise is iconic in pop culture and actually even makes for a super easy costume! As long as you have a button-down shirt, high socks and glasses, you’re pretty much set for this costume. 

2. Cowgirl/ Country Theme

If you go to the University of Illinois, you’re bound to have gone to a couple of barn dances, so I think it’s safe to say you definitely have country attire (and if not, you’re friends 100% do). All you really need is a pair of jeans, a plain shirt and a flannel. Of course you could go all out by wearing cowboy boots, a cowboy hat or any other accessories to make your look complete!

3. Cat

Honestly, animal ears make creating a costume insanely easy and are definitely worth investing in, especially when you’re in college. Dressing up as a cat is a Halloween classic and all you need to do is wear all black, throw on some cat ears and draw whiskers on your face. Quick and easy!

4. Rockstar

Do you have a graphic band tee and a pair of jeans? Then you’re ready to dress up as a rockstar for Halloween. You can even tie a bandana headband, draw a star around your eye and wear fishnets to make your outfit even better. 

Pro Tip: you can always re-wear costumes from previous years (no shame) or borrow costumes from a friend! 

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