I Wasn't Going to Rush, but Here's Why I'm Glad I Did

I came into freshman year of college way more excited than nervous. I was somewhat on edge for how classes would be, but way more intrigued by the idea of being able to meet so many new people and make new friends. Regarding recruitment, my roommate and I became roommates solely because neither of us were planning to rush. 


Even at a university where Greek life is such a big deal and so heavily participated in, I still didn't have plans to rush. I have a friend who goes to the same university I do who had had a not-so-great experience with the process when she went through recruitment. I know it doesn’t work out for everyone and Greek life isn’t for everybody, but I trusted her opinion and we were very similar in our personalities that I figured I wouldn’t want to rush either. 

Weeks before I was supposed to move in to college, my dad brought the idea up to me. He mentioned how both him and my mom, as well as my brother had gone Greek in college and had great experiences. After much discussion, I decided I would give it a chance, especially since it was a huge oppportunity at my university and everyone in my dorm would be rushing, too. 

After going through recruitment and joining a house, I really was shocked with the outcome. Aside from the entire process being surprisingly emotional, the end result made me extremely excited for the future. I wouldn’t trade the experience, my house or any of my best friends and sisters for anything. I have learned more about friendship and about myself as a person since joining a sorority, something I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on by not rushing and never giving the idea a second thought. 

The girls in my sorority are hilarious, supportive, loving and so much fun to be around. I can’t imagine the life I would have in college without them and the thought of having never rushed in the beginning of college makes it hard to envision a life without it. Regardless of whether or not people believe they’re Greek life material, I am a prime example of someone who was never even going to give it a chance. At this point, after all the positives I’ve experienced and friends I’ve met through Greek life, I’d encourage girls to at least go through the process of formal recruitment. Nobody is forced to join by the end, but you’ll never know if a house will become your home if you never even go looking. 


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