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As winter approaches, so do the usual seasonal blues– school is getting harder, break feels like it’ll never arrive, and happiness is feeling evermore elusive. Luckily, taking care of yourself and leading a happy life doesn’t have to be as intimidating as the lifestyle influencers make it feel.

Here are a few easy self-care tips to be the self-care queen you’ve always aspired to be:

1) revamp your morning routine

Take the ten extra seconds to exfoliate, remember to grab breakfast on your way out, and set an alarm to your favorite song. The possibilities for tiny things you can do to improve your morning routine are endless, and by starting your day right, you’re taking the first critical step towards success.

2) Give your life an epic soundtrack

Curate playlists for everything to keep your mood at an all-time high– go beyond working out and create some for morning and nighttime routines, work, cleaning, and more! Include songs that make you feel powerful or soft as needed to keep your energy consistent and amazing.

3) dress up

Nothing can make you feel your best more than looking your best, so put on a little lipstick and wear that fancy dress to lounge around the house. Live your life like every day is the Met Gala!

4) use the nice things

It’s easy to convince ourselves to save certain things to be a reward for a future version of ourselves, but if it’ll bring you happiness, just do it! Burn that candle, eat that cookie, use the nice plates instead of the paper ones. Treat yourself!

5) step into the best version of yourself

We love to critique ourselves but to live your best life, call yourself the person you are. If you sing for fun, call yourself a singer, if you write, call yourself a writer– stop calling the things that bring you joy dumb or a hobby. Reward your mind for recognizing who you are and when you find yourself thinking in a positive way, affirm it!

Mehek Kapur

Illinois '23

I'm a sophomore at the University of Illinois double majoring in English and Organizational Psychology and Vice President/Recruitment Advisor at Delta Kappa Delta.
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