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How To Become Confident

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

Confidence is a walk. A look. It’s how you carry yourself. How you view yourself. How you talk to yourself. In this article, we are going to discuss how to become the most confident versions of ourselves. It’s time for us to be comfortable in our skin. Let’s get into it!


Say your affirmations out loud. Write them down. Say them until you believe them… and then keep saying them! Remind yourself each day how beautiful and brilliant you are. How much happiness you deserve. How you are so worthy. Say them with me:

  • I am stunning.
  • I am radiating with beauty and happiness.
  • I can handle anything that comes my way.
  • I release any negativity that I am holding.


Find your style. Choose clothes that make you feel confident. The type of clothes that make you think “I look really good in this.” You can have multiple styles, but choose your outfits that fuel your confidence. When you choose your outfit, then WEAR those clothes. Do not let them wear you. Walk with a sense of purpose and self-assurance. 

Posture + More

Quit slouching. Sit up straight. Walk with a sense of purpose. Put your shoulders back. Don’t let them round forward. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Make eye contact with people. Stop staring at the ground! Let people see that beautiful face of yours! When you speak to people, look them in the face as you talk to them. Take up that space! Quit trying to make yourself smaller. You deserve to be here just as much as everyone else does!


Self-talk and affirmations are similar but not the same. You need both. Self-talk is how you speak to yourself whether out loud or in your head. Stop beating yourself down. Catch yourself when you say something hurtful about your body, face, etc. Take it back! Talk to yourself how you would to your best friend. Hype yourself up! Say positive things about yourself, and you’ll begin to feel better and better.

Mirror, Mirror

Use a mirror to admire yourself and for a quick check of your outfit. Stop using it to rip yourself apart. If you have the habit of body-checking yourself in the mirror, then stop. Body-checking is when you constantly analyze your body in the mirror. This could mean seeing how small your waist looks or how thin your thighs look. These are only some examples. What does body-checking serve you? Nothing. It only harms you. Body-checking leads to body dysmorphia and worsens body image. You do not need validation from a mirror. 


Get on a skincare routine if you have not yet. Make time for self-care activities each day. Put on makeup. Do your hair if that makes you feel confident. Do not wear makeup for others but for yourself. Do not use makeup as a way to hide yourself but to express yourself and to show off your beauty. With or without makeup, you are lovely.

Fuel Your Body + Stay Hydrated

A confident girl is a healthy girl. Fuel your body with food. How else are we supposed to strut around? We need food for energy. Eat foods that give you energy and make you feel good. Drink enough water a day. Stay hydrated.

Autumn Bunzell

Illinois '27

Hi there! My name is Autumn Rose, and I'm from Utica, Illinois. I live minutes away from Starved Rock State Park. I attended LaSalle-Peru Township High School which consists of only about 1,200 students. Within my family, I'm the youngest in a close-knit household, and I have an older sister who I absolutely adore. As well, I have a golden retriever and a grey tabby cat. Currently, I'm a first-year neuroscience student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Both the physical and psychological aspects of the human brain fascinate me. In addition, I'm interested in nutrition and how this field can be applied to neuroscience. There is a field labeled nutritional neuroscience that studies how the consumption of food, minerals, and supplements impacts an individual's cognition, mood, and overall brain health. Outside of the classroom, my hobbies vary tremendously. Music wise, I listen to Bryce Vine and Bazzi, but I also love Etta Mae, Arethra Franklin, and Frank Sinatra. As I do my morning routine, I listen to health and wellness podcasts on Spotify. In between classes, I do yoga and Pilates. At night, I love to do some skincare, and then crawl into bed with one of my books. Typically, I partake in crocheting and baking in the colder months. As a side note, my favorite season is fall because of the cool weather and all of the pumpkin/apple candles, foods, coffees, etc.