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How to Survive the Last Month of School

Are you stressed out, suffering from a crushing case of senioritis, or are you really just trying to figure out where the year went? Yep, it’s the last month of school before

the sweet release of summer. But getting to that point is easier said than done. Check out these tips to help you survive that dreaded last month of school!


Write down when all of the big assignments, projects, and tests are due. Then, create a game plan for when you’ll do what. This way, you won’t find yourself stressed out of your mind trying to meet deadlines the night before. (And you can still have time for Netflix!)

Grab a Friend

Seek out help from your friends. Be it having someone to study with or just complain to about everything you have to get done, having a friend by your side makes things so much better. Plus, it provides the opportunity for many impromptu (and needed) study breaks.

Ask for Help

It’s easy to get in over your head with all that comes with the end of the school year. So, know when you need to ask for help. This can mean doing something as simple as texting a friend about an assignment. If you need more help from a professor, be sure to hit up their office hours. There are plenty of resources on campus for you to explore, so don’t panic!

Enjoy It All

Yes, the last month of college is stressful, but enjoy it! As a senior with graduation close in sight, I can vouch for the fact that your time in college flies by so incredibly fast. So yes, do your assignments and study hard, but get out there and experience all that college has to offer! The weather is nice and all your friends are in one place, so just take it all in.

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