How to Survive the Holiday Season If You’re “Uncuffed”

Season's's cuffing season! For all you single ladies out there, I know how scary this time of year can be. It's a time to snuggle in Christmas footie pajamas, eat way too many cookies, cry watching Love Actually, and beg Santa for a new boyfriend under your tree this year. But there's no need for any of that. Let's get through these holiday blues together by throwing those cuffs away. It's un-cuffing season now, ladies!

Don't stress

You're single! That just means you put yourself first and what's wrong with that? I know it's easy to fall into that black hole of sadness filled with chocolate cravings, Kleenex, and regret. Just remember: you're not alone! Make this time about you. The holidays don't need to be a reminder that you're alone. Instead, make it a reminder that you're YOU. You don't need anybody else to feel whole. 

Binge on Christmas movies and hot chocolate

Put Love Actually and The Holiday away and find some movies that will make you laugh! Sure, if you need an emotional night to cry and let it out, by all means go for it. But, this article is about how to survive the holiday season, so I cannot tell you that this would be a good idea. Watch Elf or A Christmas Story. The holidays are a time to smile and laugh, and being single should not take that away from you. Added bonus: make yourself a gallon of hot chocolate to really set the mood.

Treat yourself 

It's officially self-care season. Go get your hair done, nails painted, or buy yourself an awesome outfit. We all know you have extra cash from not buying a significant other a Christmas gift this year. Organize your room or apartment and settle in with a face mask, a nice bubble bath, and maybe some spiked eggnog (for my 21-year-old readers). This season is all about you. 

Girls night

Get the girls together and celebrate being single. Go ice skating, sledding, or any other date-like thing, except with your girlfriends by your side. Who needs a man when you've got girlfriends to go on these holiday dates with you! You can also stay in and watch Christmas movies and decorate cookies or gingerbread houses. Indulge on sweets together - it beats doing that alone anytime! 


Do something good for someone else. Yes, right now is all about you as I have said earlier, but the Holiday season is also about helping the less fortunate. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, or donate toys to the local toy drive. Yes, being single sucks, but there are people around the world going through much worse, so don't forget that! 

Buy YOURSELF a gift this year

Yes, I'm talking about a really nice, really expensive item that you have been looking at with heart eyes all year. You don't need to buy a gift for a significant other, so make yourself feel significant instead. Seal the love you have for yourself with a really nice piece of jewelry, a spa day, or that flat screen television you have been wanting for your apartment. You're dating yourself now, so start actin' like it.

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