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How To Rock Your Summer Internship

With summer right around the corner, it is important to remember that wherever you may be working, you can make it your own. At the end of the day be you because that is what potential employers want to see. In order to rock your summer internship, remember these three tips: 

1. Be fashionable and fashionably ~early~ 


Whether your internship is in the so called fashion industry or any industry for that matter, what you wear to work matters. Remember that even slacks and a blazer can be cute. Focus on fit and being appropriate. Try to be unconventional too. An old skirt paired with a jean jacket and a blouse..? Why not. Try to feel good as well. There is no better feeling than walking into your office feeling good about yourself and feeling ready to take on the intern tasked full day. Also remember to be early. It looks good in your bosses eyes if you arrive early to work. Shows dedication and commitment. Strive to arrive at least ten minutes early every day. 

2. There is always something to be done 


No matter where you work, there is always something to be done. Even if it is taking out the trash and dusting the file cabinets. You are an intern so technically if you have to clean, you can not complain. It is part of the process. Trust it. But back to the main point here. Never let yourself be bored or have nothing to do because there is always something. If you can start to pick up on things you think could be improved do them once other tasks are finished. It looks really good in the employers eyes that you didn’t have to be asked to do something to better the office you are working in. 

3. Have a positive attitude 


This can be hard sometimes because being an intern does entail some grunt work. But remember, everyone has to start at the bottom before reaching the top. Try to stay positive throughout it all. It is really important to smile and take on every task with the intention of perfecting it. Also, smile. To your bosses, co workers, and while doing activities. You got this internship for a reason so be ok with everything thrown at you. 


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