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How to Live a Balanced Lifestyle During the Summer

The summer months are the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself and try something new. Even though this is definitely not the summer everyone expected due to COVID-19, there are still many ways to have fun and stay healthy before heading back to school in the next month or so. Here are some tips on how to create a balanced lifestyle during the summer.

1. Make Self-Care a Priority

It's important to nurture and take care of yourself, especially during these tough times. Neglecting self-care could put a damper on your goals and it's hard to accomplish anything if you're not properly taking care of your body. Give yourself at least one hour per day for "me time" and make sure to block out all distractions so you can just focus on your own wellbeing. Do a mini spa treatment with face masks and exfoliants, read your favorite book, meditate or take a hot bath. The possibilities are endless when it comes to self-care - it depends on what makes you feel most relaxed!

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2. Find Ways to Move Your Body

Exercise does wonders for the body and soul and it make you feel anxious or like it is a chore. One of my favorite ways to get my body moving is taking my dog on a daily walk because it's low impact and I'm always in a great mood afterwards. I've also discovered a new love for spin classes, as I have been taking advantage of my local CycleBar since it's reopened and I've noticed serious improvements in my mental health. Try out a new YouTube workout video, go on a run with a friend, lift some weights, ride your bike, go swimming, etc. There's an abundance of ways to get your body moving!

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3. Utilize the 80/20 Rule

Some of you may be thinking, "what on earth is the 80/20 rule?" It's a balanced approach to eating food in moderation without feeling guilty about it. Eating clean and healthy foods 100% of the time could end up depriving you of enjoying treats. Find the balance between foods that are good for your overall health and provide you with nutrients and also foods that are consumed for your enjoyment. Go ahead and get that ice cream after dinner!

[bf_image id="qdiyva-7xpmeo-4e3r1v"] We've all been tested physically and mentally during this pandemic and it may feel like there's no end in sight, but it's important to remember that living a balanced lifestyle can only help you achieve happiness and your future goals!

Rachel is a junior and the VP of Editorial for The University of Illinois' Her Campus chapter. She is a journalism major on a pre-law track.
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