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How to Have a Fun Spring Break if You’re Staying on Campus

Spring break is an opportunity many use to take a much needed break from the rigor of their classes by traveling and cutting loose in exotic and sunny places. But while some are off on the beach, the rest of us are stuck here in the gloom of Champaign for the week. However sad it may seem watching your friends rage on their snap stories and however left out you may feel, you can have a great time of your own even while stuck on campus! 

1. Explore Downtown Champaign

During the school year we do not really have time to explore Champaign as much as we would hope, that is why exploring it during spring break is the perfect opportunity. Eating at the same restaurants on Green Street during the school year can become boring, so check out the multiple restaurants in downtown Champaign. There is shopping to do, theaters and museums to see, and food and drinks to try. Champaign even has a calender of events that you can check out and see what is going on during spring break in Champaign. 

2. Go to the Gym

With going to classes, work, doing homework, going to the gym is hard during the school year. People will leave campus to go home so the ARC will be very empty. This is the perfect time to go to the gym and commit to the New Years Resolution of working out. Take advantage of the gym being less crowded so you don’t have to wait to use your favorite workout machine. Going to the gym may not seem fun, but working out will make you happy and feel good after. Relieve some stress from the school year by hitting the gym. Also, the ARC has an amazing indoor pool you can use and pretend you’re on vacation. 

3. Go Thrifting

Champaign and Urbana both have great Thrift stores. There is Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Twice Is Nice Thrift Shop, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet, and more. Especially with there being a college by all these thrift shops, the finds will be better than the thrift shops at home. The clothes might be more suited with college gear or clothes for your next exchange. Thrifting is always a great time because you can shop and find clothes way discounted, also you have clothes that no one else will probably have. Thrifting can be a long day with looking through all the clothes, so using spring break to do this is the perfect opportunity. 

4. Sleep

This one may seem obvious, but seriously sleep. You have a whole week without classes, so catch up on sleep, watch Netflix, and snack on as much food as you can. This is truly your time to relax and not worry about waking up early for class. Your roommates might be home for break so maybe you have the apartment to yourself, that means you can have peace to sleep in as late as you want. Pamper yourself, do face masks, paint your nails, try fun makeup looks. Binge watch a new show on Netflix you have been wanting to watch. You have a week to focus on yourself and focus on sleeping as much as you can.

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